Marinette County Deputy Credited With Saving Gunshot Victim’s Life

MARINETTE — A deputy with the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office was recognized this week for his role in saving the life of a gunshot victim Oct. 6.

Deputy Patrick Callahan received a lifesaving citation and commendation bar to be worn on his uniform, according to a release from Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve.

Callahan responded Oct. 6 to a call about a man shot in the armpit on private land near Moonshine Hill Road, Sauve stated.

Callahan was the first to arrive and made contact with the victim after he removed cattle fencing to allow emergency vehicles to drive onto the land.

Callahan recognized the patient had what is commonly known as a sucking chest wound, Sauve stated. A sucking chest wound occurs when the cavity is punctured, creating a new pathway for air and causing lung collapse.

Using his personal medical supplies, Callahan applied sterile gauze, pressure dressing and a Halo

chest seal — an occlusive dressing which adheres to penetrating chest wounds when fluids such as perspiration and blood are present.

“It is my opinion that Deputy Callahan’s actions saved the life of the patient,” Sauve said in the release. “His response time, quick assessment, preparedness and taking the appropriate action were all factors that made a difference in this event.”

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