HALO Trainer

HALO TRAINER provides a realistic, instructional solution for the management of chest traumas. The Halo Trainer is designed with a lower tack adhesive version of the Halo Seal hydrogel and effectively replicates the form, fit and function of the Halo Seal in a cost-effective manner, with minimal impact to manikin or to personnel.

Product Specifications

  • Same lifesaving design with a less aggressive gel
  • Cost effective training option
  • Same unique packaging
  • Comes in single or two pack configurations
  • Comes in small, IFAK packaging with tear notches on each corner
  • Halo Trainer provides realistic feedback during instruction on the form, fit and function of the Halo Chest Seal.

Product Features

  • 6-year shelf life
  • Effective when debris or residue are present
  • Durable packaging maintains integrity when folded
  • Large pull tabs make for easy removal
  • No latex used in the manufacturing of the product

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