TPD Uses Halo Seal On Young Gunshot Victim

Tulsa police are trying to find the person who shot a 15-year old girl.

They say she was hit in a drive-by shooting while walking home this morning in Turley.

Police say she’s in critical condition.

We know that seconds count in life-saving situations and today was no exception, when a Tulsa officer arrived at the scene where a 15-year-old girl was shot.

A little after 3 a.m., police responding to a home near 57th and Garrison.

“An officer arrived to find a juvenile gunshot victim with a shot to the chest,” Sgt. Brandon Smith said.

That’s when the officer applied a halo seal over the victim’s wound, helping stop the bleeding until EMSA arrived.

“We’ve just had enough situations where police officers were the only ones who could be close to the patients and we’ve learned painfully if they don’t do something, people can die,” Officer Anthony First said.

Officer First trains other officers on battlefield medicine and says in the past, officers refrained from these situations waiting for medics to do their job.

“Today is a little different,” Officer First said. “We’ve had more mass casualty incidents, certainly those attributed to hostile action.”

The Tulsa Police Department began issuing Halo Seals back in 2013 – and First says they’re used frequently.

“There is a little bit of training that comes with it,” Officer First said. “It’s not tough to use but it’s got to be put into context.

The adhesive material is mainly used for penetrating wounds on the chest, side or back area.

“Unfortunately, we’ve hit the apex of what we can do law enforcement-wise for the active shooter,” Officer First said. “Now, we’ve gone into damage mitigation mode.”

Officers are not required to have kits, but officer first says more and more are adding them to their units.